Advance Your Career with a Doctor of Education Degree

Advance Your Career with a Doctor of Education Degree
Most people seeking a college degree in a graduate program are hoping to advance their careers. The typical goal is to specialize in a field that will open doors to a meaningful occupation that utilizes a person’s interests or skills. Ideally, the area of study is also flexible enough to provide a few different career options. A doctor of education degree offers a balanced blend of specialized study and diverse applications that can lead to a variety of career opportunities. You may consider consulting with University of Western Ontario to learn more.

Faculty educator.

With a doctorate in education, you can apply for tenure or non-tenure track positions, whether as a visiting professor, part-time, or full-time. Substitute positions may also be available. Teaching the history and current challenges of education in the U.S. or abroad, along with emerging pedagogies for elementary level and high school teachers, is a meaningful way to share what you have learned with those who are educating our children. Faculty positions are usually nine-month appointments with occasional summer teaching options available. Education faculty often have the opportunity to choose the days and times they want to teach classes, retaining significant control over their weekly schedules.

Academic administrator.

A graduate holding an education doctorate can apply for administrative positions at all academic levels. An administrator’s role is similar to being a manager in the business world. You will oversee the operations of an academic institution, supervising faculty and staff as part of the process. Education leadership is in great demand in the U.S. and in other countries, with available positions as principals in secondary education, headmasters of private schools, and department chairs as well as deans in higher education. Usually, some teaching experience at the level where an administrative position is sought will be required. Complying with state and federal education standards along with meeting community expectations and norms are some of the duties of an administrator.

Industry consultant.

In conjunction with either a faculty or administrative job, or in a separate sphere of life or during retirement, those who hold a doctor of education degree are often sought out for their experience and insight in business and industry as well as academia. They are often consulted for assistance with training employees or conducting performance tests and developing required skills workshops to keep employees up to date in their respective fields or to help them develop new capabilities that will help them advance via a job description upgrade or in-house promotion.

A doctor of education degree is specific enough to open doors to academic career progress or to provide alternate options in other occupations. This high-level achievement offers exciting opportunities for those who respect and appreciate the role of education in our nation. You may consider consulting with University of Western Ontario Faculty of Education to learn more.

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